Josh Skinner, RGD

Product Designer
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About me

I eat, sleep, and breathe design. My mission? To seek out new design and applications, to boldly go where no designer has gone before!

I’m a Product Designer with 8 years of experience in various disciplines of design, from typography and illustration to web and app design, UX research, and UX design. I’ve worked as a designer in several fields, including but not limited to advertising, financial services, education, and health care. I also have experience in the education sector as a professor at Centennial College, for their Graphic Design program as well as their Art and Design Fundamentals program.

I graduated from Centennial College with the Dean’s Award for Innovation in Graphic Design Media. Having design experience in the agency world, and non-profit world, I’m always looking for new ways and new challenges to the solve the design problems of others. I believe that good design has a responsibility to do more than just sell a product, but to tell a story that people can relate to. This belief lays the foundation for the work that I do. I’m always looking for new ways to reinvent myself through my work.

I’ve engaged in and facilitated research projects and usability testing to create new and innovative web and mobile products for consumers, and I’ve been responsible for crafting the user experience based on those findings. For example, I used the iterative design process to evolve the account opening experience for new and existing customers at the Bank of Montreal.

I also have a strong background in visual design, which enables me to bridge the gap between UX patterns and visual patterns, providing users with a contextually consistent visual language. These skills led to creating an award-winning web application for Humane Society International.