Canadian Cancer Society – Animated Birthday Email

The goal was to create a simple e-card that our client could send out to people to wish them a happy birthday, and to thank them for their support. t needed to be something special that people would open up and remember, so the decision was made to create something within the growing trend of animated emails.

The first step was sketching out and storyboarding what I wanted to draw and animate. From there, I illustrated what the card would look like in a static form. The initial concept was then sent off for approval before the animation process began.

To make this email engaging and memorable, I ran the gamut on the approved brand colours as well as complementary colours to have something visually striking on the screen when the email was opened. From there I made the animation explode with a burst of colours to signify a time of celebration, and to catch the viewer’s attention.

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Birthday Email

Canadian Cancer Society wanted to create an email series that triggered a send when people on their mailing list had a birthday.