HSI All Animal Defenders

The intent with this project was to create a micro site for the Humane Society International (HSI) that would be an interactive annual report. The micro site would take viewers through a few of the major programs that HIS had completed thanks to the generosity of their donors. This would then be followed up by a soft ask (for a donation).

As their year-end cycle was approaching, HSI was looking for a “fun” and “engaging” way to communicate to their donors what had been accomplished throughout the year. I started out by researching what other charities had done for their annual reports, as well as corporations and consumer entities.

To deliver this project I collaborated very closely with our Developer to plan out the information architecture of the site and how people were going to interact with this site. Once we had plotted out what needed to go on the website, and where it needed to go, the next step was to figure out how people would get there; how they would access and view this information.

I designed an interactive website to simulate the onboarding process that users get when they first open apps such as Vine or Instagram. The user walks through each program, its benefits, and its outcomes by swiping/tapping/clicking on specific prompts to continue through the site.


All Animal Defenders

The goal was to create a simple micro site for Humane Society International that would take visitors through some of the programs that HSI has and how they’ve made a difference. The site was designed to be responsive so that the user could access this HUB on their phones and tablets.

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