PMA Young Adult Volunteers

This project was a conceptual exercise to create a HUB for Presbytarian Mission Agency’s (PMA) Young Adult Volunteers’ fundraising event. The goal was to create an online central HUB where donors and participants could view stories, photos, donate, see where the “young adults” were volunteering, what they were doing, and communicate with them.

Knowing that the target audience were people who would already be involved in this event, it was simple enough to create an ecosystem based on what they were doing in the field, how the communication between donors and volunteers worked, and where the gaps were.

I kept the process simple and referred to something that we’re all familiar with: dashboards, or what you see when you log in to an e-commerce system and/or a social media website. I took this concept and fleshed it out by removing all the components of both an e-commerce dashboard system and social media dashboard system until I was left with the barebones framework and the specific elements that I needed to keep.

I designed a simple ecosystem where people involved with this event could read and share their stories, comment and connect with each other through profiles, and keep track of what projects were happening and where in the world they were happening.


Volunteer & Donor HUB

This is a team raiser website for Presbyterian Mission Agency’s (PMA) Young Adult Volunteers’ fundraising event. The goal of this project was to create a HUB where donors could view stories and photos, see where the young adults were volunteering and to donate. After the final site template was completed and sent off to the client, I felt that an opportunity to engage the user on a more personal level was missed, so I worked on this concept to place more of a focus on telling stories and seeing where the volunteers were going.

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