The Customer Journey · BMO Digital Experience

The BMO Customer Journey experience is a unification of BMO’s visual language and experience design patterns, with the goal of providing a cohesive experience to our customers, no matter which product or device they are using.

The use of a consistent tone of language, patterns, and components across projects and platforms aids in creating a consistent experience throughout.

New Account Opening Responsive Flow

For everyday banking and credit cards

For many people, their relationship with their bank begins with opening a chequing and/or savings account, or applying for a credit card. It is imperative that people experience a seamless experience regardless of the channel they begin with.

With the mobile and in-branch experiences updated to the new design language, it was time to revamp the online account opening experience. To provide a more modern experience, my team and I identified customer pain points within the old experience. From there, we undertook competitive research, tested a few concepts with customers, and iterated based on that feedback.


For new customers
  • Move from an adaptive layout to a responsive layout.
  • Reduce number of clicks between steps by combining similar content.
  • Adjust the jarring transtion from opening an account to using the mobile app.
For existing customers
  • Move account opening for existing customers into the app.
  • Surface product information while keeping users in the same experience.
  • Simplify the application process using the new visual design language and UX patterns.

User Flow diagram

BMO Mobile Banking App

Additional accounts for exsisting customers

It is important to ensure that the pleasurable experience customers have while being onboarded continues throughout their banking journey.With this project, the goal was to improve theaccount opening process and keep it in-app,so that customers get a seamless experience.

Original experience

New experience